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  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda municipality.
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Lake Grumlan is located just southwest from Vetlanda. The lake offers good fishing for pike, perch, pike-perch and bream. Fishing for pike-perch has improved since the introduction of a minimum size of 45 cm, and during the last years a large number of big pike-perch have been caught in Lake Grumlan. Fishing for pike during the winter can be truly rewarding.
The fishing area management association works actively with different actions which favour the fish population. One example is the putting of 6000 pike-perch fry in the lake in 2007. A fish ladder was also built at Mela mill, which hopefully will have positive effects for the spawning of trout and improves the brown trout population in river Emån and lake Grumlan.

Fish Species
Pikeperchpike-perchbrown troutroachbreamtenchruddcrucian carpminnow, alpine bullhead, whitefish,vendace and burbot.

Grumlans FVO

Östanå Campsite, Östanåvägen, 574 37 Vetlanda, 0046383-17177,, 9 cabins and camping grounds. Boats and canoes for hire. There is a wheelchair accessible fishing spot at the campsite. 
There are also several more accommodation opportunities in Vetlanda city. 

There is a boat ramp on the eastern side of the lake (contact the municipality of Vetlanda, 0046383-97100).Customer number: 264, Area: 224.

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Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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