Hjåggsjö FVO


Hjåggsjön, Mosjön, Mobäcken-Trinnan

  Västerbottens län / Vännäs municipality.

The deep Hjoggsjön (24 m) is widely known for coarse pike, large perch, implanted char and local trout stock with migration through the river Trinnan. Mosjön is a shallower lake with perch and pike.

Well-maintained snowmobile trails cross Hjåggsjön and adjacent to Mosjön.

Fish species
Hjåggsjö: pike, perch, char and trout.
Mosjö: pike, perch and roach.
Mobäcken-Trinnan: trout and grayling.

Hjåggsjön has easily accessible parking at the bathing area. Jetty, changing room, barbecue area and outdoor toilet.

Cottage and boat rental possible, contact Anders Lennartson 070-868 4045 for further information.

Fish species







Endast Mobäcken-Trinnan



Endast Hjåggsjö



Endast Mosjö

Hjåggsjö FVO

Hjoggsjö FVO comprises parts of the river Trinnan's drainage area. Beautiful area in the Ume River valley. The step is a tributary to the Ume River near the confluence with the Vindelälven river. Rivers and streams connect that number of lakes and ponds. Hjåggsjön and Mosjön are the lakes that are part of the fisheries conservation area.

Customer number: 1025, Area: 984.

Contact persons

Kjell Jakobsson
070 - 556 42 53

Båtuthyrning Hjoggsjön samt stuguthyrning:
Anders Lennartson, 070 - 868 40 45


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