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Jämteböle Stärkesmark Tväråns

  Västerbottens län / Vindeln and Vännäs municipality.

Our fisheries conservation area is, in terms of the number of waters, the largest within Vännäs municipality. The area is located on both sides of the E12 towards Lycksele, about 8 km from Vännäs.
Our fish conservation area offers fishing in eight lakes, a wild stream and a put-and-take water.
The fisheries management area includes eight lakes with mainly perch and pike, a wild stream, Tvärån with grayling and trout and Långtjärn our put-and-take water with implanted rainbow salmon.
Grill cabins are available in Långtjärn, Jämteböle and Stärkesmark.
A disabled dock is available in Långtjärn.
Boats can be borrowed in Jämteböle and Stärkesmark.

We have three different fishing licenses
​​​​​​​1. Refers to the lakes (8) with a fee of SEK 50/day, SEK 100/week and SEK 300/year.
2. Refers to Tvärån and Långtjärn with a fee of SEK 150/day, SEK 300/week and SEK 500/year.
3. Owners of fishing rights can redeem an annual pass for SEK 300 which is valid in all waters.

Busjön is 14 ha in size and 10.2 m deep and has no buildings and no road.
It is located south of Jämtebölesjön's southern end.
The beaches are partly steep and wooded.
Conditions for catching coarse perch exist.
Take the E12 to the Jämteböle exit, after approx. 4 km road to the right marked "Linné-vägen", after approx. 200 m, fishing path to the right, walk approx. 1 km. Boat is recommended.

Frängsjön is 5.5 m deep and 7 ha in size. It is located just west of the southern part of Stärkesmarksjön. It is drained through a stream to Kvarnbäcken to Välvsjön. The beaches are rocky and steep. There are perch and pike in the lake.

Jämtebölesjön is 28 ha and is located in the eastern part of the area, 3 km from Tväråbäck. The maximum depth is 6 m. The lake is a lowland lake with abundant vegetation. Agricultural land dominates and buildings and roads surround the entire lake.
In the lake there are roach, perch and pike. Bird life is abundant, and a bird tower has been erected at the southern end of the lake. On the eastern side of the lake there is a barbecue area and the possibility to borrow a boat for fishing.

Lillsjön is located in the north-eastern part of the fishing area. It is 17 ha in size and with a maximum depth of 6.7 m. It is surrounded by leaves and coniferous forest except at the southern part of the lake where there is agricultural land and some buildings. Road leads around almost the entire lake. The perch dominates.

Långtjärn is located in the southern part of the area and is used as "put-and-take" water. The pond is one hectare in size and has a maximum depth of 11 m. Access is through a cold spring at the bottom of the lake. Road leads from E12, signposted from the southern entrance to Tväråbäck.
At the pond there is a barbecue cabin, toilet and disabled jetty.
Every spring, ready-to-catch (from 0.8 kg) rainbow trout are released.
The premiere fishing takes place at the beginning of June and is advertised in the local newspapers.
Trail to Tvärån (200m) gives the opportunity to fish for grayling and trout.

Small iron​​​​​​
Snålttjärn is a deep lake of 12.4 m, size 15 ha. Inflow occurs through a cold spring at the bottom of the lake. The outlet, Snåltjärnsbäcken, flows into the southern part of the lake. The immediate area consists of forest and agricultural land. There are some leisure facilities in the eastern part of the lake, where the road also runs. The vegetation is dominated by sea horseradish. There are perch and pike in the lake. There is a swimming area with docks and changing cabins.

Lake Stärkesmarksjön is the largest of the area's lakes in terms of surface area, 82 ha with a maximum depth of 8.4 m. The largest inflow is Torbergsbäcken, which flows into the northern part of the lake. The lake is drained through Kvarnbäcken to Välvsjön and on to Tvärån. The vegetation consists mainly of reeds, sea urchins and nate. The surroundings consist of agricultural land except in the north-eastern part. Permanent buildings and holiday homes can be found all around the lake. Road also leads around the lake so it is easily accessible.
In the lake there are mainly perch, roach and pike.

Tvärån is a wild stream that winds its way through the entire fisheries management area.
Below the bridge in Orrböle there are plenty of graylings, while graylings dominate above the bridge. Fish over a kilo are a frequent catch.
The river is quite difficult to fish because of the dense vegetation and the winding bends of the river. The beaver also contributes with its felling to the fact that a walk by the river is quite difficult, but the nature is wild and impressive. Long sections are shallow and without fish, but then comes a section with good catching opportunities.
Fishing path (200 m) is available from the barbecue hut at Långtjärn.
In the side river Kvarnbäcken, there is a constant fishing ban as it has been shown to be a spawning stream.

Välvsjön mostly has clear and fine water. It is 26 ha in size and has a maximum depth of 9.5 m. Outlet and inlet are in Kvarnbäcken in the western part of the lake. The beaches are firm and wooded. The vegetation consists of reeds, sea urchins, nate and water lilies. The lake has no road connection and only one holiday home by the shore. Perch and pike dominate.

West Lake
Västsjön is a forest lake with no roads or buildings and with rugged, partly shallow shores. It is 16 ha in size and with a maximum depth of 12.4 m. The lake is dominated by perch. It is possible to fish from the beach in parts, but a boat is recommended.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Jämteböle Stärkesmark Tväråns FVO.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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