Hushållningssällskapet Jämtland


Hushållningssällskapet Jämtland Medstugeån, Saxsjön

  Jämtlands län / Åre municipality.

Medstugeån offers fine fishing for wild trout. The river is relatively small but holds large fish. The stretch from the lake and about 7 km downstream offers both calm deep sections and rapids and is excellent for fly fishing. The upper limit for fishing in Medstugeån is the large boat house at the Medstugesjön outlet and the lower limit is marked with a sign. See further map.
Fishing in Medstugeån is open from 1 June – 31 August. Saxsjön offers fine trout and char fishing all year round.
To buy a fishing license, you must stay at Medstugan's Hostel.
Boat is available for rent.

Fish species

Brown Trout


Vild öring



Hushållningssällskapet Jämtland

The Jämtland household association owns property Åre Medstugan 1:2. Hostel operations are conducted on the property and fishing is offered to residents of the hostel. Medstugan offers accommodation in a culturally historic environment with mountain nature, fishing and agriculture right outside the door. The accommodation is located in the scenic western Jämtland, about 5 miles from Åre, at the foot of the mountain towards the Norwegian border. The fishing takes place in individual waters in Medstugeån and Saxsjön.

Organization number: 262000-0238

Customer number: 3549, Area: 3617.

Contact persons

Linda Persson


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