Norrbottens län.
  • Jockfall
  • Sanningslandets FVOF
  • Storsaivis Suobbat FVOF
  • Miekojärvi Samfällighetsförening

Norrbotten is Sweden's northernmost and largest county with 14 municipalities. The country covers about a quarter of the country's surface. Norrbotten is truly a fisherman's eldorado, here you can find everything from vast fjords, marshes, birch and pine forests. Nature is splendidly beautiful and you can find your own little luncheon in quite untouched nature without worry.
Norrbotten is best known for its fishing for Harr, Salmon, Trout and Rödding. The number of lakes and streams is almost infinite. Although the county is best known for its nesting fishing, it has become more and more popular to go fishing in the country to go fishing, among other things, Pike.Popular fishing methods in the summer are fly fishing and spin fishing. In winter and spring, the popular pimp fisherman sets first, mainly after Röding.

Affiliated fishing areas in Överkalix kommun

  Miekojärvi Samfällighetsförening
  Sanningslandets FVOF
  Storsaivis Suobbat FVOF
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