Miekojärvi Samfällighetsförening

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  Norrbottens län / Överkalix municipality.

Welcome to fishing in Miekojärvi, which is the province of Norrbotten's largest lake, located on the municipal border between Överkalix and Övertorneå.

The short fishing area includes the largest part of the lake, Miekojärvis Skifteslag and Svea Skogs water, about 1300ha in total.
NOTE! The water area in Övertorneå municipality is not included, (2 different parcels), see map markings for further information.

The lake has two major inflows and an outlet that further down forms Sangi's river. The lake is located almost in a north-south direction and a total of 16 km long. The village itself is mostly located on a long narrow peninsula and island out in the middle of the lake. There were several settlements around the lake as late as the 1940s.

Road is from Allsån, 16km, only out on the headland, where the launch site is. From Kalix you drive via Kypasjärvi-Svartträsk, from Luleå it is just over 100 km.

The middle part of Miekojärvi (Great Lake) has a larger area with a depth of 10-17 meters. There are most areas with shallower areas 4-7 meters with base peaks and rock bottom, where the perch stands on the peaks and pikeperch in the slopes down to the depths.

The southern part of Miekojärvi (south lake) has areas with 3-4 meters and a depth of 11 meters.

The northern part (the North Sea) is the shallowest part. Large parts of the area have 3-4 meters and a pit of 7 meters.

Simple depth map with with depth curve 5, 10 and 15 m. And some shallows exposed. See pdf file below.

Some winter pikeperch fishing tips. See pdf file below

Other information and fishing tips about pikeperch can be found at Sportfiskarna. Gös_a4_pages.pdf (sportfiskarna.se)

In Miekojärvi there is a cabin with a smaller motorboat for rent , The cabin and the boat are rented together and only for at least 3 days, information email info@8seasons.se

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Only hand held equipment
 The keeper must have taken note of and approved the applicable fishing rules and regulations.

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Miekojärvi Samfällighetsförening

Organization number: 716465-6998

Management of communal roads, land and water.
The association was formed in 1985.

Customer number: 3050, Area: 3054.

Contact persons

Kjell Johansson
070- 272 49 55


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