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Jörken, Larsbosjön, Säven m fl vatten

  Dalarnas län / Smedjebacken and Hedemora municipality.

Welcome to fishing in Larsbo fishing area!

An area in a working environment and forests with many lakes and ponds where there are pike, perch and white fish.
Trout are planted in Jörken, previously pike were planted in Lake Larsbos.

Boat fishing is allowed in the entire area, where Jörken and Larsbosjön are most suitable for boats. Boating is also good in many other lakes that are close to the road.
A small plastic boat is available for rent, call for further information: 0739-177172.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Valid only in certain waters or in certain places, see fishing rules / comment

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Larsbo FVF

Larsbo FVF was established in 1943 and manages the fishing rights in the fisheries conservation area. The goal is to preserve this area for fishing and recreation for the future with fisheries management measures.

Organization number: 883800-4532

Customer number: 3022, Area: 3027.

Contact persons

Lars Andersson
0739 - 177 172


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