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Barken, Flaten, Snuvtjärn m fl sjöar

  Dalarnas län / Smedjebacken, Fagersta and Norberg municipality.

The area's water spans Barken's more than 3,000 hectares to smaller forest lakes of only a few hectares. The stock in the area consists mainly of pike, perch, lake and whitefish. In addition, salmon, trout, pikeperch and whitefish in lakes nos. 2, 5, 6 and 7. Good strains of vendace are found in nos. 2, 5 and 18. (See map for explanation of number.)

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The bark actually consists of 3 lakes; Norra Barken which stretches from Smedjebacken to the bridge in Söderbärke, Mellan-Barken (between Söderbärke and Huggnora) and Södra Barke n. Note that on some maps Mellan-Barken is also excellent as Södra Barken, which can be a bit confusing, as there are a few hundred meters of Kolbäcksån between them. Vevungen and Saxen also sit together with Barken and can be reached by boat.

The lakes are best known for the fine size of pikeperch and especially trolling fishermen sometimes make good catches. Trout are also caught. There are pike of good size (Fiske För Alla Nr. 5, 2011) listed Norra Barken as one of Sweden's better pike waters). The lake is also known as a good perch lake. In pimp competitions, the winning weights are usually high. That the lake also houses some very coarse perch is perhaps less well known.

Flaten P&T (put and take water)
Continuous release of ready-to-catch rainbow trout and trout. The lake is very popular, during the ice season as well as other parts of the year.

Only fishing licenses marked " Day passes - Flaten P&T" are valid for fishing in Lake Flaten. Can also be solved in a card machine by the lake.
Rules for the water are available by the lake. The day passes are only valid until midnight, and not as before for 24 hours!

November 1 - December 31, 2022, there is a total fishing ban in Flaten. Premiere at 09:00, 1st January 2023.

June 13 - June 22 total fishing ban in Flaten. Premiere at 09:00 23 June.

Price 150kr

Catch provisions 3 fish per card. and a maximum of 2 cards per day and per person.
NOTE! For Flaten, a special fishing license applies (only day licenses with a catch limit)!

Carp fishing in Snuvtjärn
Carp from Aneboda (mainly large-scale mirror carp) was planted in this small pond in 2004. It would be an exaggeration to say that they have grown very large, but the lake offers a different and challenging fishery. If you want directions or tips, contact the sea manager on 0240-650528. It is possible to organize fishing competitions in the lake, with up to 12 places. There is a roadblock that is locked from time to time, but for competitions we can make sure to unlock at the entrance and exit.
NOTE! This only applies to fishing with a hook without a barb, as well as mandatory catch reporting!

Other water
Barkensjöarnas FVOF also manages the following waters: Perch lake , Aldertjärn, Bergtjärn, Busjön, Dammsjön, Fisklösen, Fly, Flyputten, Ginnan, Gladtjärn, Grästjärn, Hattjärn, Hjorttjärn, Hyttån, Håltjärn, Hötjärn, Hötjärn, Lilla Djostjön, Lilla Djostjön, Lilla Djostjön, Lilla Djostjön Krogen, Lilla Lexen, Lilla Marktappen, Lomtjärn, Långtjärn, Lätttjärn, Oppsveten, Plattintet, Skäkttjärn, Stora Bjursjön, Stora Bladtjärn, Stora Djupen, Stora Lexen, Stora Marktappen, Svarttjärn, Svarttjärn, Sörsjön, Stora Trehönten, Vassjräten, Vassj , Åstjärn, Örtjärn, and Östra Sveten. See map!

The majority of these are small forest waters, with pike and perch as the main attraction. Unfortunately, everyone lacks a boat ramp, but in many it is possible to put in a smaller boat. Some of the roads may occasionally be closed with a barrier.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Barkensjöarnas FVOF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Barkensjöarnas FVOF

Organization number: 802418-3454

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Barkensjöarnas Fiskevårdsområdesförening manages the fishing that is part of Barkensjöarnas fiskvårdsområde in Smedjebacken municipality, Kopparberg county, and part of Norbergs and Fagersta municipalities in Västmanland county.

The purpose of the association is to coordinate the conduct of fishing and fisheries management, to promote the common interests of fishing right holders and to enable the provision of fishing to the public through the sale of fishing licenses.

Customer number: 130, Area: 95.

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Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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