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Ädelfiskevatten Malingsbo-Kloten

  Dalarnas län, Västmanlands län and Örebro län / Lindesberg, Skinnskatteberg and Smedjebacken municipality.

Welcome to Malingsbo-Kloten noble fishing!

Malingsbo-Kloten is a large scenic coniferous forest area in highlands and hilly terrain, with interspersed marshlands, lakes and waterways that offer good opportunities for fishing and outdoor activities. The area is shared by three counties; Dalarna, Västmanland and Örebro. The easiest way to get here is via route 233 between Skinnskatteberg and Kopparberg. Here there is water for anglers as well as beginners and the family. In Äd elfiskevatten Malingsbo-Kloten you can fish for planted trout and rainbow, but also natural stocks of trout and char. In Malingsbo-Klotens Naturvatten you fish for natural stocks of trout, pike and perch, while in Ädelfiskevatten Krampen you fish for planted rainbow trout.

Red, Pink & Green waters

Our waters are divided by fishing method - fly fishing, spin fishing and angling. The different color markings on the map show our waters and where you can fish and what type of fishing license is required.


Red waters
In red waters it is "put and take fishing" for planted rainbow trout.
In all red waters, you can choose between fly fishing, spin fishing or angling. Red waters are Rågåstjärn, and Lilla Djurlången and Långtjärnarna ( Uvre Långtjärn, Mellersta Långtjärn, Nedre Långtjärn) .

In Lilla Djurlången, winter fishing is also permitted and NOTE! Fly fishing from float ring.
The boat rental in Lilla Djurlången has stopped as we have seen a steadily decreasing need.

Pink water
Only fly fishing applies in pink water, in Perborrtjärn and Mellantjärn after planted rainbows and in Hedströmmens rainbow fishing (road 233- Nyhammar dammen). The stretch is open all year round and fishing takes place exclusively for rainbow trout.

In Hedströmmen's trout fishing (Nyhammerdammen - Nedre Borgfors) it is also fly fishing here, but with implanted trout. Please note that the stretch has a fishing ban 1/10-31/12 as there are wild fish in the river. Mandatory Catch and release on all trout!

  • ATTENTION! Gäddtjärn has been used as fly fishing water and is now included in Malingsbo-Klotens Naturvatten.

Green waters - Nature Special (Ö & R) Advance booking and Catch and Release

In Skälsjöarna you fish for wild trout and char. Fishing only from a boat or from a floating ring (new from the year 2022) Only fly fishing with barbless flies is allowed. Catch and release applies in Skälsjöarna, which means that all fish must be released back, even damaged fish. You either solve a "floating ring card" and fish from the floating ring or then you redeem the package card "Boat/fishing card". All fishing from land prohibited!

  • Advance booking applies and a maximum of 6 fishermen in each lake. 4 floating ring cards and 2 boat/fishing cards are available in each lake. Only one fly fisherman in each boat.

Catch reporting

Report your catch here on iFiske's catch reporting page. With information about how you experience fishing and the fish that are caught or released, mainly in the Hedström, but also from our other waters, we get a picture of what the fish population looks like and can adapt fisheries conservation measures and catch removal accordingly. Our ambition and hope is that you as a guest will continue to enjoy your fishing in our waters and come back. For other species (Put and take), reporting is desirable, but not an obligation.

Feel free to upload pictures from your fishing adventures when you report your catches on the catch reporting page on iFiske. It doesn't have to be about record fish, but about your experiences and beautiful nature pictures from our waters. We always specify the photographer. We reserve the right to publish submitted images on iFiske's rolling image collage.

ATTENTION! Everyone who reports their fish is entered in the raffle for day tickets to our noble fishing waters in Malingsbo-Kloten and Krampen! Please write in which waters you caught your fish.

Other information

At Sveaskog's noble fishing lakes, we work actively to provide a good fishing experience for those who choose to visit us and fish!

There are spans and piers, some are also adapted for the disabled.

Sveaskog has prepared a number of pitches for mobile homes/caravans in connection with these noble fishing lakes for this noble fishing. For this, we as landowners charge a fee in the form of a fishing license. The money from the fishing license sales goes back to the business through depositing fish, garbage collection, cleaning and emptying toilets in the area. Dustbins and dass must only be used by those who hold a valid fishing license for the current noble fishing lake.

Please note that the public right does not apply to fishing and that you as a visitor must therefore buy a valid fishing license in connection with setting up a caravan or mobile home at Sveaskog's noble fishing lakes!

If you just want to camp, there are many prepared rest areas available in the Malingsbo-Kloten area where it is possible to stay one night free of charge according to the public right. In these places you take care of the rubbish and the latrine yourself.

Fires/grilling are only permitted in designated fire places. When there is a fire ban, all fires/grilling are prohibited.

Download the map and rules for further information about our Red, Pink and Green waters further down the page!

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Sveaskogs Ädelfiske.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 NOTE! In Skälsjöarna, everyone must have a valid fishing license.

Fish species

Rainbow trout










Sveaskogs Ädelfiske

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Sveaskog's water in Malingsbo-Kloten and the Krampen outdoor area are managed by Sveaskog AB.
Sveaskog conducts fishing activities with various fishing licenses in this area, both in natural waters and in lakes with implanted fishing for put & take (noble fishing).

Sveaskog AB is responsible for the maintenance and development of the area. Since 1975, Malingsbo-Kloten has belonged to the country's primary recreation areas in accordance with the Riksdag's decision.

Organization number: 556016-9020

Customer number: 3102, Area: 3112.

Contact persons

Mikael Rhönnstad


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