Åmåls Kommun


Käppesjö m fl sjöar

  Västra Götalands län / Åmål municipality.

The fisheries conservation area is located between Fengersfors and Edsleskog in Åmål municipality and consists of several lakes.

Here is the usual lake fish. Some lakes are more accessible than others as there are many small lakes and ponds included. Käppesjön, Tansjön and Knarrbysjön are larger lakes and a little easier to park by.

The following waters are available in the fisheries conservation area:

  • Bockstenstjärnet
  • Bräcketjärnet
  • Brännemossetjärnet
  • Bärutetjärnet
  • Dammen
  • Flottjärnet
  • Gladkasttjärn
  • The pike lake
  • Humletorpstjärnet
  • Knarrbysjön
  • Koppungstjärnet
  • Kotjärnet
  • Kristinedalstjärnet
  • Kroktjärnet
  • Kusetjärnet
  • Kuvetjärn
  • Lake Käppesjön
  • Lilla Hagtjärnet
  • Lilltjärn
  • Lintjärnet
  • Ryssetjärnet
  • Rådanetjärnet
  • St. Hagtjärnet
  • Storemossen
  • Tansjön (does not apply to the whole, only within Åmål's municipal boundary)
  • Vikerudstjärnet
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 All children under the age of 15 have the right to free beach fishing, however, subject to the protection rules that according to the right of public access apply to plots and gardens.

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Åmåls Kommun



Organization number: 212000-1587

Customer number: 487, Area: 3101.

Contact persons

Åmåls Turistbyrå:
0532 - 170 98



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