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  Norrbottens län / Pajala municipality.

You fish in the Lainio River, which is a tributary to the Torne River, on a private stretch of 9.5 km.

In addition to salmon fishing, there are also great opportunities for fishing for grayling and trout for those who want a little variety. Lainio is a large but easy-to-wade river and some of the river's hottest places, the salmon's resting places, are on this stretch.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species

Brown Trout










Vildmarksmekka AB

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The fishing tourism company FishYourDream runs together with Lapland Guesthouse Camp Onka.

The fishing takes place primarily in packages where food and accommodation are included, but on Sundays we have a change day and then we have chosen to provide a number of cards.

In addition to the 8 licenses sold on iFiske, 4 additional licenses per Sunday will be sold to mantals written in Pajala municipality, at a lower price. These licenses can only be purchased at Lapland Guesthouse in Kangos.

Organization number: 556851-4599

Customer number: 3127, Area: 3144.

Contact persons

073 - 376 18 97


Fishing areas nearby Vildmarksmekka AB

Keräntöjärvi FVO Keräntö- Hauta- Kukas- Naakajärvi
Torneälv, Tärendöälv, Piilojärvi m fl vatten
Lainio SFF
Saittarova Lautakoski fiskevårdsområde

Affiliated fishing areas in Norrbottens län
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