Lammens FVOF



  Kronobergs län / Växjö municipality.
Lammens FVOF manages lakes lambs, Frejen and calf. The lakes are just outside the town of Lammhult.
In Lammhult is camping close to the lake.

Rowing boat available to rent in both the north and south end of the lake. Shelter with a fireplace is in the southeastern corner of the lake. Parking is available at Lammhults camping.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

Lammens FVOF

Lammens FVOF manages fisheries management in the lakes Lammen, Kalven and Frejen, which are located near Lammhult.

Organization number: 802427-1283

Customer number: 110, Area: 74.


Fishing areas nearby Lammens FVOF

Stora Värmen och Lilla Värmen
Allgunnen (Sävsjö)
Hillen och Rydsjön
Övingen, Furusjön, Myingen mfl
Allsarpasjön, Brohultssjön & Mossjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Kronobergs län
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