Allgunnens FVO (Sävsjö)


Allgunnen (Sävsjö)

  Jönköpings län and Kronobergs län / Sävsjö municipality.

Boat ramp (locked) is available for use if you contact the Boat Club in Rörvik or the Boat Club in Lammhult. Boats are available for hire from certain boat owners around the lake if you ask them nicely. Fishing from the shore is also an opportunity. 

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

Allgunnens FVO (Sävsjö)

Fishing for pike is probably what attracts most sport fishermen to Lake Allgunnen, which is a lake that produces really big pike. And one can understand these fishermen - what kind of fishing offers such a rush of adrenaline as when a pike grabs a quickly-fished jerk bait? Fish of 38 pounds have been documented in the lake.

Lake Allgunnen, with its 2760 acres of water, is the biggest lake in the municipality of Sävsjö. The lake has an uneven coastline and lots of big bays. Besides from its big pike, Lake Allgunnen is also inhabitated bya population of large grown burbot and nice perch. Black-throated Divers, ospreys, red-breasted mergansers and hobbies nest in the lake. Grey Herons and Common Terns have colonies in the lake. 

Organization number: 802600-9145

Customer number: 225, Area: 185.

Contact persons

Jan-Ola Nilsson
070 - 311 07 28


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