Värmens FVO


Stora Värmen och Lilla Värmen

  Jönköpings län and Kronobergs län / Sävsjö and Växjö municipality.

Southwest of Allgunnen lies Värmen, a clear-water lake with good visibility which serves as drinking-water supply for Lammhult. The lake has steep and rocky beaches and scarce vegetation. The fishing for perch in the lake is what surprises most people, but fishing for pike and above all burbot is also nice. Värmen is definitely a good alternative to its big brother in the east, Lake Allgunnen.

The lake has relatively flat bottoms, with an average depth of around four meters and a few deeper spots where the depth falls down to 12-16 meters. Burbot weighing around four kilos are caught from time to time. The northern part of the lake has nice places for pike fishing and spin fishing is usually the best method to get in touch with Lake Värmen’s pikes. Angling for perch with baitfish or worms can be very rewarding during the summer. 

The fishing license offers fishing also in Lake Lilla Värmen, which is located west of Lake Stora Värmen and connected to it by a sound. 

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

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Värmens FVO

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Viviann och Bertil Pettersson, Bo 2, 360 30 Lammhult, 0046472-261061
Samuel Boosjögård, Asarvägen 3, 360 30 Lammhult, 004670-4026879,petterssonsam@hotmail.competterssonsam@hotmail.com
Kurt Lindström, Sanden 3, 360 30 Lammhult, 0046472-260683, 004670-6998741

From season 2011: Anette Gustafsson, Draget 1, 570 01 Rörvik, 0046382-21202, 004670-2350480, 004670-3428812,draget1@telia.comdraget1@telia.com. 5-6-person cabin. Barbeque place close to Lake Värmen. Boat for hire. 

Boat for hire - ask Kurt Lindström, see above. 

Organization number: 202100-2288*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 283, Area: 244.

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