Norr- och Sörsjöns FVO


Norrsjön, Sörsjön, Degerå

  Jönköpings län / Sävsjö municipality.
Lake Sörsjön and Lake Norrsjön are two shallow lakes, only around 5 meters deep at the deepest spot, linked together by a 50 meter- wide sound. Lake Sörsjön has a ragged shoreline with many small bays. Fishing for perch can be quite rewarding in the lakes and fishes around one kilo are common.Pike weighing around 11-12 kilos have been caught in the lakes, which have a combined area of 400 acres. Spin fishing, angling and winter fishing are frequently used methods for fishing in these waters. The two lakes are nutrient-poor and surrounded by coniferous forests and to some extent by mires and fields. The flat, rocky shores are lined with rich amounts of water vegetation.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Norr- och Sörsjöns FVO

Unfortunately there are no boats for hire or boat ramps in the lakes, but there are possibilities to fish from off the shore.

Organization number: 802600-0078

Customer number: 239, Area: 199.

Contact persons

Torgny Bjerhag
0708 - 13 59 86


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