Allsarpasjöns FVO


Allsarpasjön, Brohultssjön & Mossjön

  Jönköpings län / Sävsjö municipality.

Allsarpasjön Fishing Area offers fishing in 3 different lakes, covering 660 acres of water, mostly surrounded by coniferous forest. The dedicated fisherman can experience really nice fishing for pike and perch in these lakes. black-throated divers and hobbies nest in the fishing area. White-throated Dippers nest in the streams connected to Allsarpasjön Fishing Area.

Lake Allsarpasjön
The 440 acres lake Allsarpasjön is a very shallow lake, with a maximum depth of only 3 meters. The lake offers interesting fishing for pike and perch. Considering the latter, individuals of about a pound and more are often caught. The Crucian carp is common and is easily caught during the match fishing in spring. 

Lake Brohultasjön
Lake Brohultasjön is connected to the bigger lake Allsarpasjön by a short channel in the south western part of the lake. The lake is not so popular for fishing, probably due to the absence of boat ramp and boats for hire. 

Lake Mosjön
The smaller lake Mosjön, located west from Allsarp, is also included in the fishing license. Here are also good opportunities for nice perch and pike fishing. Download depth map!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Allsarpasjöns FVO

Moarps Bed and Breakfast offers accommodation in two cabins (including boats). 004638224144, 004638215253, 0046705915921, 0046705985997,,

Organization number: 802600-1407

Customer number: 226, Area: 186.

Contact persons

Björn Svensson
0723 - 14 12 40


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