Vrigstadortens FVOF


Lundholmssjön, Pellikroken, Lundholmssjön mfl sjöar

  Jönköpings län / Sävsjö municipality.

The nutritious lakes in Vrigstadorten fishing area are tied together by the river Vrigstadsån which makes it possible to move easily from lake to lake. Perfect for a one-day trip, or why not paddle for yourself through the lake system. Most of the lakes are pretty small, but are inhabited by big pike and pike-perch, which make them the perfect location for a fight with these freshwater predators.

Vrigstadorten Fishing area offers in total 760 acres of fishing possibilities in lakes and streams. The lakes Lundholmssjön, Pelikroken, Högebrosjön, Franssjön, Sunnerbysjön, Storsjön, Lillesjön and Långö-Klinthultsdammen are placed in downstream order during Vrigstadsån’s journey towards Lake Rusken. Slättsjön, Ladsjön and Kyrkarpssjön are connected to Vrigstadsån by small streams. All of these lakes, as well as parts of Vrigstadsån are included in the fishing license. 

The fact that pike-perch over 16 pounds have been caught in Lake Lundholmssjön reveals the area’s potential as a producer of big pike-perch. The lakes are nutritional and inhabited by lots of cyprinid fish, which means that the predators of the lakes have a great food supply. The area is definitely worth a visit for the match fisherman as the lakes hold bream, roach, rudd, tench, crucian carp and burbot. 

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Vrigstadortens FVOF

The wreck town's FVO offers a total of 380 hectares of fishing in lakes and streams.

Organization number: 827501-1073

Customer number: 229, Area: 189.

Contact persons

Christer Filipsson
0705 - 15 77 32


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