Lilla Le FVOF


Lilla Le, Timmertjärn

  Västra Götalands län / Dals Ed municipality.
Little Lee is a dead lake without a natural outlet with steep beaches and very good
transparency. The lake is 133 meters above sea level. and 33.1 m above Lake Stora Le. The deepest parts
of the lake provides conditions for chartering.
Good stock of Pike, Perch and Mört. Sparingly with Siklöja and Röding. Fishing ban 1 October - 20 December because of the game.
Only electric motors are allowed.
All road traffic on the ice is prohibited.
Crayfish Pest released 2015 the entire stock of river crayfish.

Lilla Le FVOF

Organization number: 862000-5481

Little Lee FVO carries out care in and around Lake Lilla Lee and Timmertjärn.

Customer number: 1034, Area: 997.

Contact persons

Robert van


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