Torsbo-Rotenäs FVOF


Lillesjön, Rotenässjön, Hålsjön

  Västra Götalands län / Vänersborg municipality.

In very beautiful surroundings our fishing lakes lie.

Lillesjön is very easily accessible just off public road. Here are parking spaces. The lake is long narrow with depths of about 5 meters. Here, Vänersborg Water Ski Club has its activities with skiing at regulated times. In Lillesjön it is also very nice to swim, from rocks or sandy beach. Pike and perch are mainly fished here.

The rotenas lake is a base with very varying water levels and strong vegetation in the beach banks, where animals graze. Perch and pike are fished here, even whitefish are available. Connection channel to Stora Hästefjorden is available, NOTE that St Hästefjorden requires its own fishing license.

Hålsjön feels like wilderness with insignificant settlements and some mountains around. Here too pike and perch are dominant.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Torsbo-Rotenäs FVOF

The fishery conservation area was formed in 1990. The purpose is to coordinate fishing activities and fisheries management, as well as to grant fishing rights to the public.

Organization number: 862500-9504

Customer number: 1148, Area: 1109.

Contact persons

Gunilla Ahlman
0730 - 368 125


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