Uddevalla sportfiskeförening


Stora Köperödssön, Kölnevattnet, Vrångevattnet mfl

  Västra Götalands län / Uddevalla municipality.
Two areas are included in Uddevallakortet
Stora Köperrödssjön, a very fine fishing lake. The lake is located east of Kuröd's industrial area. There is a lot of perch pike and roach, there is also Karp, but this is, like the eel, protected and must be laid back in the lake.
Herrestadsfjället is a natural experience with beautiful natural waters where it is mainly fished for perch and pike fishing all year round but amazing winter fish can be on the ice
The association manages:
Stora Köperödssön, Kölnvattnet, Vrångvattnet, Långagna, Kärrevattnet, Västra Krokevattnet and Pölevattnet

Uddevalla sportfiskeförening

Organization number: 858500-4834

The association in daily talk called USFF, was formed in 1969 by some shipyard workers who thought a fishing association would be in Uddevalla.
Since then, the association has worked and has about 100 members. The association is engaged in all kinds of sport fishing excursions, etc. We have a premises on Strömstadsvägen 44 g where we have access to a slaughter room where we manufacture gadgets related to sport fishing. At present, the activity is not so many but we meet every Wednesday morning on a so-called gubbdagis, here we plan our activities and different arrangements that we participate in, for example, out with schools. Our youth activities are currently in the stall. We would, however, like to get started with activities in the association Hør av is if you can contribute in any way to our continued business

Customer number: 1004, Area: 959.

Contact persons

Tommy Gustavsson


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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