Bäveåns Nedre FVOF


Nedre Bäveån

  Västra Götalands län / Uddevalla municipality.

Bäveåns is located in the scenic Uddevalla on the west coast.
The watercourse that flows through central Uddevalla and has its outlet in the harbor of Uddevalla.

Bäveån is a river with many interesting environments. The landscape around parts of its lower flow is protected as nature reserves. For the urban population of Uddevalla and not least for ornithologically interested, the land around Bäveån is a popular destination. Because the Bohus Trail passes through the area, it is also important for long-distance hikers.

The area forms part of the old Uddevalla Sound, which used to be a narrow passage between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea basin. The shale mixture in the soil is striking here and has led to extensive cover operations. As a result, two small lakes have been created in the eastern flat part of the reserve in close contact with the river.

The lakes and surrounding marshes have high value for nutritional birds. To the west, the river passes through a narrow canyon-like valley, which is very scenic. A path runs here along the south side of the watercourse. Lake Surveln just north of this is known as a local for the extremely rare Gotland saw in the county.

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Lax skall återutsättas.

Bäveåns Nedre FVOF

Fishing area in Uddevalla municipality, some trout fishing the rest whitefish. One goal of the association is to promote and improve fishing opportunities, save funds for future salmon and trout releases.

Organization number: 955513-0286

Customer number: 1180, Area: 1140.

Contact persons

Rolf Sethman

076 - 375 16 48

Kommunekolog, Sofia Stengavel

0522 - 697311


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