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  Stockholms län / Södertälje municipality.

NOTE, Malmsjön Enhörna not (Vårsta) which is included in the Sportfishing Card, e.g.
Malmsjön is a small beautiful spring lake in the immediate vicinity of Södertälje.
It is located between Södertälje and Enhörna just a few km north of Södertälje. The corner bus (787) stops on the ridge 400m N of Båtbryggan, it also stops in the middle of the road to Nya Malmsjöbadet.

We stock rainbow trout, stocking takes place regularly and extra stocking before Malmsjödagen in the fall.

In Malmsjön there are rainbow trout, perch and one or another pike.
Fishing license sales only go towards new planting of rainbow trout.

Malmsjön is located approx. 7km west of Södertälje, see the map below. We are now trying to start fishing in Malmsjön again after a few years of silence, therefore the price of the day pass is SEK 170.

Boats can be rented at Pizzeria Enhörna.

Contact persons for Södertälje Amateur fishing club manager for Malmsjön are:

Roger Tolstoy
Postal order no. 398308-7
The address of the Amateur Fishing Club is:
Box 52
151 21 Södertälje

Fish species

Rainbow trout






Södertälje Amatörfiskeklubb Malmsjön

The purpose of the club is to gather people interested in fishing and fisheries management by:

  • Lease suitable waters and lease these for recreational fishing.
  • Work for the development of recreational fishing and fisheries management.
  • Promote increased fishing interest among young people.

Organization number: 815600-5939

Customer number: 3264, Area: 3319.

Contact persons

Roger Tolstoy   


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