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  Södermanlands län / Trosa municipality.

Welcome to fishing in the beautiful Trosaån!

On 1/1-24 it's finally time for fishing premiere, we will then like every other year invite all fishermen to grilled sausage at the harbor basin in Trosa. We light the grill at about 10:00 and keep the glow going until about 14:00.

ATTENTION! New fishing ban area upstream of the mill. The expansion of the area is due to the new fish passage. The no-fishing area is marked on the map.

ATTENTION! New for the year 2024 is that you may not catch any fish of the species Pike, Goose and Trout. It is also catch and release that applies to the fishing licenses which are free for young people. If you want to keep fish as a young person, you can buy a day pass. Fishing is, for fishing under all cards, only permitted between 06:00 and 22:00.

The fishing license is personal, which means that everyone needs to buy their own fishing license.

On Thursday 9/5 (Kristihimmelsfärdsdag) the Trosametet is arranged in Trosaån between 09:30-14:15 Please respect the competitors and do not fish in marked places. The only stretch that is open for other fishing at the specified time is approx. 300 m below Trosa mill and up to Vagnhärad.

Thank you for your understanding today.

The fishing stretch is about 8 km long and offers opportunities to fish, cast a fly, spin rod, etc. In Trosaån there are more than 20 different species of fish, with the opportunity to catch sea trout, which is the crowning glory.

The route is of varied terrain and down in the community of Trosa there are good opportunities for those who have a little more difficulty getting around; disabled people have good opportunities to use fishing in central Trosa, where there are good footpaths to and along the river.

Good parking facilities are available in Vagnhärad centre, Trosa center and in Trosa harbour.

Toilets are located down by Trosa harbour.

For the fish that are not to be kept, we advocate "Catch & Release".

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Trosa Amatörfiskeklubb.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 19.
 Regarding the fishing license for young people up to 19 years of age, strict catch and release applies, so on this fishing license you may not keep any fish, if you want to keep fish you have to buy a fishing license.

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Trosa Amatörfiskeklubb

Trosa Amateur Fishing Club was founded in 1934 and manages the Trosa River from Vagnhärad to the estuary at "Smörbyttan" in Trosa.

Trosaån's Fishing Conservation Area (FVO) together with Trosa municipality and Trosa Amateur fishing club (TAFK) work actively to promote plant and animal life in FVO. The work aims to preserve Trosaån's diversity, fish stocks and excellent sport fishing.

The fishing area extends from Husby Kvarn in Vagnhärad to outside Öbolandet in Trosa, but the fishing license only regulates fishing to the Trosaån outlet at Smörbyttan, where general water takes over. All fishing water owners in the fisheries area are members of the Fisheries Area Association.

Every year, the Ascension Day of Christ, Sweden's largest meter competition for children and youth is organized - "Trosametet". Annually, in May, we plant about 3,000 trout in Vagnhärad.

Becoming a member of Trosa AFK does not take many seconds and comes with many benefits! For example, you will become a member of the Anglers, the benefits you can read about HERE , the club also organizes activities for its members, sausage barbecues along the river, fishing in put-and-take lakes, competition fishing and much more. Click HERE to become a member.

Organization number: 817606-2050

Customer number: 1172, Area: 1134.

Contact persons

Vardagar 17:00-19:00
Pasi Lavio
070-495 10 56


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