Nordmarksälvens FVOF


Nordmarksälven, Lersjön m fl vatten

  Värmlands län / Filipstad municipality.

In the Nordmarksälven fishery conservation area, good fishing is offered in the eastern part of Värmland, from Sundsjön in the north to Filipstad in the south through the Nordmarksälven river - a varied lake system and Taberg's canal.

The fishery conservation area extends through both clean wilderness to roadside and easily accessible water. A fairly newly formed nature conservation area around Nordmarksmossarna adds another dimension to the experience. The area has two types of fishing licenses, partly one for Nordmarksälven and partly one for the lake system with ponds, lakes and Tabergs canal.

There is plenty of fish and easily accessible in several places with a number of windbreaks and barbecue areas. Also bathing places and a bike path along basically the entire river stretch in the old NKLJ track.

26 km of flowing water.
The river is of a very varied character with rapids and calmer water. The northern part is pure wilderness. There are several stretches that are suitable for fly fishing. From highway 246 there are many roads to the river.

The lake system and Taberg's canal
Sandsjön, Stora Häståstjärnen, Sången, Gäddtjärn, Finnshyttjärn, Motjärnarna, Svarttjärnen, Agen, Lersjön and part of Mellansjön. NOTE! Sandsjön and Mellansjön are only part of what is included in the fishing license, see map!

Lersjön is suitable for trolling and also has a boat ramp.

Fish species









Nordmarksälvens FVOF

Nordmarksälvens Fiskevårdsområdesförening conducts fishing license sales for a large number of waters, but also extensive fisheries management.

The Nordmarksälven fishery conservation area extends from Sundsjön in the north to Filipstad in the south. In the past, trout have been released for many decades. For a few years now, no more trout has been released, but we are fighting for this now and also hope for golden trout. There are perch, roach, pike, eel, trout, lake, bream and signal crayfish in the system.

In the area there is also Filipstad Kommunfiskekort .
The municipal fishing license is a collaboration between the fisheries conservation area associations Alstern-Lungens FVOF, Grundsjöhyttans FVOF, Horssjön-Långbans FVOF, Rämens FVOF , Yngens FVOF , Aspen-Daglösens FVOF, Gåsborns FVOVFFOVFFSFVNSVVNSFVNSFVNSVVNSFVNSVVNSFVNSVVNSFVNSVVNSFVNSFVNSFVVNSFVVVNSFVVVNSFVVNSFVVVNSFVNS

Organization number: 872400-4794

Customer number: 722, Area: 682.

Contact persons

Benny Nord

070 - 339 18 68


Fishing areas nearby Nordmarksälvens FVOF

Grundsjön, Stensjön, Stora Ovantjärnen m fl
Filipstad turistfiskekort
Näsrämmen, Bosjön m fl vatten
Alstern - Lungens FVOF

Affiliated fishing areas in Värmlands län
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