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Östra Lägern

  Östergötlands län / Ydre municipality.

Östra Lägern is a lake situated in the southern part of the Landscape Östergötland some 300 km south of Stockholm / 3,5 hours drive. It covers roughly 1 500 hectares (~ 3 700 acres) and has a maximum depth of 30 meters. In the lake are 52 islands of various seizes. The variety of fish at hand is described below.

At the local store in Rydsnäs on the south side of the lake on road 134 you can buy almost anything you need. Also a map showing depths. 

Rent a boat by calling Esbjörn +4670 323 95 11. He wil also assist you, if you like to put in a boat of your own. There is a ramp.

Lunch - meal of the day, is served ät the Restaurant Ryzätra Tuesday - Saturday between 11.30 and 14.30. Good food!

For further information log in to the lakes homepage www.ostralagern.se (not yet translated into English).

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.

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Östra Lägerns FVOF

Our society strive to obtain a high ecological status in Östra Lägern. This includes securing reproduction of the rare "River pearl clam" and arranging gravel beds and general restoration of feader streems for spawning Trout. .

Free passages for fish are now close to be at hand from Assjön via Västra and Östra Lägern thru Bulsjöån to Lake Sommen. All this thanks to a great job done by Tranås Energy, who owns the water power plants along the way. One obstacle remains to be dealt with - a damm at Oppeby kvarn. Once all paperwork is finished and apporved of, the buildingprocess can start - hopefully in the autunm 2023.

All in all migration of Trout and the other spices, will ensure genetic exchange between the former in locked populations, thus clearing the risk of degeneration and inbreeding.


Organization number: 802427-1358

Customer number: 104, Area: 68.

Contact persons

För bokning av båt kontakta/For booking/renting a boat please call:
Esbjörn Henriksson: +46 70-323 95 11 eller/or Håkan Lindgren +46 70-674 08 19

Övriga frågor/Other questions:
Anders Åstrand
+46 70-539 66 43


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