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  Stockholms län / Järfälla Municipality.
Over 50ha Lake is a large lake in the middle of the scenic Järvafältet
The most common fish species are perch, pike and coarse fish such as roach, bream, rudd, bream mm. Minimum size for pike is 40 cm. Fishing is only permitted from the country. When angling is 10 angeldon / person allowed. NOTE: only for members, non Day. A ismetespö is allowed with fishing licenses. For members equated ice fishing with angling, ie maximum 10 rods / pers.

In the lake, you have good chance to catch really big perch. Each year, several large fish between 0.3-1.5 kg. The big perch caught mainly at ice fishing, angling or fishing with live minnows. The lake freezes often early in the season and give tävlingspimplaren good training opportunities. Often held the first ice fishing contests here. Winter fisherman often catch småabborrar in the range of 10-100 grams with a chance of really big bonus fish. Perch caught almost as good on the whole area of ​​fisheries.

Those who prefer pike can choose to spin fishing, angling or angel fish in the winter. It's rare you get no catch. Spin fisherman will find good fishing spots around the lake, with the exception of a reeded bay in the southwestern part of the lake. The pike cut on most lures, wobbler, spoons and spinners are going well. Nowadays, many people's favorite bait However jig. Its advantage is that it does not get stuck in reeds and seaweed as easily. In winter, you can often have a nice angel fishing or ice fishing.

Remember to drop back the pike that you do not want at the dinner table. Provided of course that they are not damaged. To avoid damage to the fish, do not use a landing net or grab hook and avoid taking with his hands on the fish.

You who like to meta find plenty of small white fish in the lake. But there are bigger fish, including coarse heritage. Anyone who needs fish bait can quickly meta-up small roaches, stags, björknor or bleak.


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Jakobsbergs SFK

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JSFK is a club with about 300 fishing enthusiasts who have their home waters in Järfälla since 1954. The club has access to the waters of Lake Malaren and two lakes in the municipality. In Mälaren, the club also has a boat that members can use. Year-round club organizes excursions and events both near and far. Is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1954, and is available in Järfälla, 2.5 mil northwest of Stockholm.

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