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  Stockholms län / Järfälla municipality.

The upper lake is a 50ha large lake in the middle of the scenic Järvafältet. The most common fish species are perch, pike, and white fish such as roach, bream, pike, birch, etc. The minimum size for pike is 40 cm. Fishing is only allowed from land. In angling, 10 anglers / pers are allowed. NOTE: Applies to members only, not day passes. An ice fishing rod is allowed with fishing licenses. For members, ice fishing is equated with angling, ie a maximum of 10 rods / pers. In the upper lake you have a good chance of catching really big perch. Every year, several large fish are reported between 0.3-1.5 kg. The big perch are caught mainly by pimple fishing, angling or fishing with live small fish. The upper sea often freezes early in the season and provides the competition pimper with good training opportunities. Often, this year's first pimp races are held here. The winter angler often catches small bass in size 10-100 g with the chance of really big bonus fish. The perch are caught just as well in the entire fishing area. Those who prefer pike fishing can choose to spin fishing, fishing or angling in the winter. You are rarely caught without a catch. The spin fisherman finds good fishing spots around the entire lake, with the exception of a reedy cove in the southwest part of the lake. The pike chops on most baits, wobblers, spoons and spinners go well. Nowadays, however, the jig is many people's favorite work. Its advantage is that it does not get caught in reed and seagrass as easily. In winter time you can often have a nice angling or ice fishing. Remember to bring back the pike that you do not want to the dinner table. Of course, provided they are not damaged. To avoid damage to the fish, you should not use the net or hook and avoid bringing your hands on the fish.You who like to feed find plenty of small white fish in the lake. But there are also larger fish, including coarse larvae. Anyone who needs grazing fish can quickly stock up on small roaches, cormorants, birches or ridges.

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JSFK is a club with over 300 fishing enthusiasts who have their home waters in Järfälla since 1954. The club has access to fishing waters in Mälaren and two lakes in the municipality. In Mälaren, the club also has a boat that members can use. All year round, the club organizes excursions and competitions both near and far. Is a non-profit association that was founded in 1954, and is located in Järfälla municipality, 2.5 miles northwest of Stockholm.

Organization number: 813200-4840

Customer number: 61, Area: 38.

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