Joesjö FVO


Övre Jovattnet, Skälvattnet, Jovattsån m fl vatten

  Västerbottens län / Storuman municipality.

Joesjö FVO is located between Södra Storfjället and Jofjället in Tärnafjällen.

The fish stocks consist of native char and trout. The fishing waters are varied with lakes, ponds and streams such as. the upper parts of Jovattsån where the fly fishing stretch is located. The area offers good fishing conditions both in summer and winter.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species



Joesjö FVO

Organization number: 895400-3441

Joesjö FVO licenses fishing to the public in Tärnafjällen.

Customer number: 3044, Area: 3049.

Contact persons

Hans Fredhult


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