Sävelångens FVOF

  Sävelångens FVOF - regelverk (Rules and regulations)

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Sävelången including Lillelången fishing rules:

The cardholder's family members, ie husband, wife, cohabitant and children living at home up to the age of 19, may accompany and participate in the fishing with their own gear.

Permitted hand tools
Rod, maximum two pieces in the lake per person or hand line.

Permitted other
Angeldon max 8 pcs, roach hut, bait net.

Otter board, paravantrolling and the like.

Minimum dimensions
Trout 45cm, Norse fishing: Max. 300 snakes per season.

Protection period
Trout 1 Oct - 31 March, see further fishing rules www.havochvatten.se.

Conservation areas
Fishing prohibited in Solveden's power plant canals and 100 meters downstream of their outlets in the lake.
NOTE! conservation area at Solveden.

Boat card
Possession of two annual cards is valid as a "Boat card", ie up to five people and rods per boat without own cards.
NOTE! Land, including the power plant's buildings and dam, must not be walked on.

The card is personal, valid for one calendar year, may not be transferred and must be carried when fishing.
Young people under the age of 16 fish freely in Sävelången and Lilla Lången according to the same rules as above.

2021-10-19 | https://www.ifiske.se/en/fishing-permit-savelangen-lillelangen.htm?rules=963 | www.ifiske.se
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