Centralhalländska FVOF

  Centralhalländska FVO

  • Fishing license applies to fishing with spinning rods, fly-fishing rods, angling and ice-fishing. When ice-fisnging with angel-rods, a maximum of 5 angels may be used per fishing license.
  • Year-cardholders may bring their wife/husband and children when fishing and they may fish with their own fishing gear.
  • Young people under the age of 18, fish for free with a parents holding a fishing license.
  • A maximum of two pike between 45 and 90 cm may be kept per day and fishing license.
  • Perch with length over 40cm shall be released back to the lake. 
  • Eels may, because it is threatened, not be caught but should be immediately be released,
  • "Centralhalländska FVO" is working to improve the fishing conditions. You as a fisherman can, by taking considerate fish, also make an important effort to conserve fish population. Handle carefully, with wet hand, caught fish to be released. There are several nature reserves and bird sanctuaries in the area. Be careful with these natural values ​​and pay attention to informations on signs. To protect the aquatic environment, it is not permitted to use two-stroke engines in any of the lakes. "Allemansrätten" gives us a unique opportunity to move freely in nature. But we must also take responsibility for nature and wildlife and show consideration to other visitors and landowners. So follow the principle do not disturb - do not destroy.
  • Respect speed limit 5 knots in lakes between April 1 and 31st of July. Protected birds are nesting in the water's edge and there are a risk that they are getting their nests destroyed by the waves

2022-08-16 | https://www.ifiske.se/en/fishing-permit-skarsjon-byasjon-ottersjon-alvasjon-mfl.htm?rules=656 | www.ifiske.se

Boat engine information

 Only four-stroke or electric-powered boat engines may be used.
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