Rickleå Bys Samfällighetsförening


Rickleå Nedre

  Västerbottens län / Robertsfors municipality.

Rickleån is a very beautiful river with a unique character. Rickleån has a so-called Seapool , a rapids that flows straight into the sea. In Sweden, there are only two major watercourses of that nature, Emån the other.

Rickleån is also unique in that the lower parts of the river, downstream of Robertsfors, have never been cleaned of raft joints but retain their original character with large boulders and varying streams. Rickleån is mainly known for spring and autumn fishing for large sea trout, but grayling fishing can sometimes be really good and the salmon stock is now on the rise.

Fish species

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Rickleå Bys Samfällighetsförening

Rickleå By (SFF) manages the lower part of Rickleån and has managed salmon fishing in the river since 1583 (however, the association was formed in 1982).

Rickleå delivered salmon to the diocese of Uppsala as early as the 14th century and has been a well-known fishing river throughout history. Nowadays, Rickelån is best known for its fishing for large sea trout, which is easiest to access during spring and autumn. The part that is included in the area is not raft joint cleared, which is unique for larger rivers in Norrland's coastline.

We work actively to improve the conditions for salmon and sea trout in the form of supervision both on the coast and on land, make fishing accessible by keeping paths open and maintaining the rest huts along the river. We are collaborating with other organizations to in the future bring about the demolition of three dams in Robertsfors urban area, which prevents the river from reaching its full potential.

Organization number: 716415-3855

Customer number: 918, Area: 878.

Contact persons

Håkan Dalsfelt

070 - 359 50 72


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