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  Östergötlands län / Linköping and Norrköping Municipality.

Roxen is a lake of about 10,000 ha located in central Östergötland. The lake is flooded by Motala Ström on the way from Vättern to Bråviken .

Roxen is a relatively shallow lake with a maximum depth of approximately 7 meters and an average depth of approximately 4.7 meters. The lake is a typical nutritious plain lake, which is reflected by the very rich bird life. To the west, the lake has a width of approximately 6 kilometers and Motala stream, Svartån and Stångån flow into the lake. To the east, Roxen tapered into an elongated bay. At the eastern end of Norsholm, Motala flows north to Lake Glan .

Through purposeful work in support of rejuvenation for many years, the lake has 24 different species of fish with rare species such as ash along with pike, perch, gazelle, eel, etc. Currently work is being done to improve the playgrounds for nors and gös together with Tekniska Verken, which operates power plants upstream of the lake. The red-listed fish species Asp is also found in the marine system.

Boat for hire as well as boat tramp can be found in Kungsbro (at the mouth of Motala Stream) and at Idingstad Säteri.
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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)


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För båtuthyrning eller båtramp i Kungsbro (Motala ströms mynning) kontakta:
Anders 0706-060661

För båtramp vid Idingstad Säteri kontakta:
Lars-Owe 013-71 274


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