Skikkisjöns FVOF

  • Sunset over Skikkisjön

Skikkisjön, Skabbegatt och Skikkibäcken

  Västerbottens län / Vilhelmina and Storuman municipality.

Welcome to a scenic experience and exciting fishing in our fine fishing area. Skikkisjön is about 20 km long and is divided into three smaller lakes with a strait between the lakes. Within the area there is a small lake (Skabbegatt) and some smaller ponds. The Skikki brook that flows out to the west is a total of about 7 km long and about 3.5 km in the upper part of the brook is part of our area. Skikkibäcken offers fly fishing with large grayling and trout. Large trout and char are caught in the lake every year. Coarse perch and pike are grateful catches even for the less experienced fisherman. During the winter, we offer fine angling for whitefish, perch and char.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 Children up to the age of 12 fish freely in the company of a parent or other adult. Children should be informed by their company about the fisheries management rules we have to gain an understanding of how important fisheries management is for a healthy and strong stock.

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Skikkisjöns FVOF

Organization number: 802427-2059

Skikkisjön's FVOF has been formed to nurture and manage fishing in part of Skikkibäcken and in Skikkisjön with its tributaries. The area is located within the municipalities of Vilhelmina and Storuman in Västerbotten. We want to offer fine fishing in scenic surroundings in undisturbed nature. The main purpose of our fisheries conservation measures is to strengthen and improve the natural stock of large lake trout. Other measures aim to offer exciting fishing for large pike and coarse perch.

Customer number: 3170, Area: 3211.

Contact persons

Ulf Grahn
073-834 70 30


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