Östergötlands Sportfiskeguidning


Skönnarbosjön, Holmasjön, Bredsjön mfl

  Östergötlands län / Motala municipality.

The fishing area around Motala, Borensberg and Tjällmo are all of the nature forest lakes.

If you are looking to get out into nature and get peace and quiet, these lakes are a good alternative.

Perch, pike and whitefish are the common fish species and can sometimes surprise with good size - most of the lakes are popular for ice fishing.

The following waters are available in the area in Motala: Vrångsjön, Torgölen, Stora Ålsjön, Skönnarbosjön, Norrsjön, Norrsjön, Långgölen, Kvarnsjön, Hyttgölen, Holmasjön, Hallagölen, Grytsjön, Fiskgölen, Diksjön, Bredsjön, Anderstorpagölen.

See map for further information on which parts are included.

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Östergötlands Sportfiskeguidning

Organization number: 556986-8952

Collaborates with Sveaskog AB in northern Östergötland in order for as many people as possible to know an easily accessible and pleasant fishing.

Customer number: 3098, Area: 3143.

Contact persons

Robin Larsson
0702 - 936 967


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Affiliated fishing areas in Östergötlands län
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