Hjärtasjöns FVO


Hjärtasjön-Östersjön och Molången

  Örebro län / Askersund and Hallsberg municipality.

Hjärtasjön-the Baltic Sea and Molången are lakes in faults in the northern part of the Tylö forest forest area.

The catchment areas to the lakes are mainly woodland and the settlements around the lakes are sparse. Large parts of the beach areas around Hjärtasjön are nature reserves (Kopparbergs Äng and Hjärtasjöns Archipelago).

In the lakes there are perch, birch, bream, pike, yarrow, geese, lake, moor, roach, rudder, cormorant, tufts and hornbills. American brook trout are upstream and have also been found in the lake system, as well as sicklewood and eel. Possibility to put in a boat is at Hjärtasjöns west bay.


Hjärtasjöns FVO

Organization number: 802600-9525

The purpose of the association's activities is to provide fishing care throughout the Hjärtasjön fishing area.

The association manages all fishing in the area, ie in Hjärtasjön, the Baltic and Molången as well as running water between these lakes.

Customer number: 182, Area: 140.  

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