Årsjöns FVOF


Årsjön, Holmsjön och Grönsjön

  Östergötlands län / Motala Municipality.
The three smaller lakes Årsjön, Holmsjön, Grönsjön are managed by Årsjöns Fiskevårdsforening and are located north of the old farm Godegård, where fishing is lung and peaceful. First of all you get perch and pike but also kill and possibly some gay if you are lucky. If you want to fish in a varied place, you obviously decide to go to Årsjön, the larger lake with a lane of about 5km, where there are deep areas and shallow bays with nice nature and boarding a boat is no problem in this lake because an open boat ramp is available. In the southern part of the lake. Freaky and undisturbed fishing simply. The two smaller lakes are shallow, and throwing a shovel from the country is well suited.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)


Org ID: 683, Area 643

Årsjöns FVOF

En fiskevårdsorganisation som främjar fritidsfiske och fiskevårdsåtgärder i Årsjön, Grönsjön och Holmsjön i Godegårds socken.

Contact persons

Anders Karlsten
0706 - 36 87 25


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