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  Östergötlands län / Motala municipality.

The drill is located at the intersection between the east street light in the south and the woods in the north. In the lake there are mostly plenty of big pike and perch. In the naval system there is also the red-listed fish species Asp. In recent years, rainbow salmon and salmon earring have also been planted, but these species do not appear to reproduce in the lake.

The lake is expected to produce 15-20 kg fish / ha and year, which means a total of 40-50 tonnes fish / year. The water quality is good, with a high throughput from Vättern via Motala stream . The drill is part of Göta Canal and Motala stream and all water that flows out of Vättern flows into the Boren. The drill is part of Göta Canal, in addition, Motala flows through the lake.

Fishing licenses within Borens FVO also apply in the following lakes within the SALSTERN FVO;
Salstern , Lilla Salstern, Stora Vänstern, Björken and Mosjøen .

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Children up to 14 may engage in hand-held fishing without a fishing license.

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Borens FVO

The Borens Fiskvårds AREA Association was formed in 1988 and since then handles its card sales to the public, fishing care etc.

The fishery area has a total area of 2855 ha. Of this, about 15% belongs to Motala municipality and the rest to private landowners. The fishery area includes a total of about 125 properties. Every year, a fishing meeting is held where all water owners decide how to fish.

Organization number: 824000-6190

Customer number: 67, Area: 25.

Contact persons

Anders Vedemo

Kent Brandt


Fishing areas nearby Borens FVO

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Affiliated fishing areas in Östergötlands län
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