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Svartån (Västerlösa-Älvestad)

  Östergötlands län / Mjölby, Motala and Linköping Municipality.

In Svartån record fish caught on the assembly line of chub, Heritage, roach, bream and other whitefish. But here, too, great pike and perch are furious.

Ån has produced Swedish record for both color and marrow (3.46 kg and 1.72 kg respectively). Over 450 fish caught right here are featured on different recordings. Notes of the brax of 3.8 kg and rooting over 1 kg are available. The size of pike and perch is not unique, but weigh up to ten and 1.5 kg respectively. Svartån flows from Sommen in southern Östergötland highland to Roxen in the middle of the plain, a height difference of more than 100 meters.

In the beginning the river is fierce and flowing, but over the great plain it flows calmly and dignified while the water becomes more and more nutritious. Östanbäck is located halfway between Sommen and Roxen along the 60 km long Svartån. The local fishing license applies to nine kilometers of the river.

The most common fish species are pike, perch, roach, braxen, color, marrow, vimma, eel, lake, sutter, aspen and id. In total there are 20 species in the river, including signal traps.

Feathers, roots and marrows are fished from February to Midsummer and from August to November. The whitefish are caught mainly with bottenmete. Spiderfish after pike is good from March to October and
after perch in May to September. Feathers and pike hugs also on the fly. During the winter there are opportunities to fish if the ice berries. Crayfish is caught in August-September.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Västerlösa-Älvestad FVO

Mitt på östgötaslätten ligger Svartån som rinner mellan de stora sjöarna Sommen och Roxen. Ån flyter fram 75 meter bakom Östanbäcks gård. Här finns ”Sveriges hetaste metvatten” enligt fackpressen. På Östanbäcks Fiske finns ett modernt utrustat hus för åtta gäster, två minuters gångväg från ”Sveriges hetaste metvatten”.

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