Öjebro-Vågforsens FVO


Svartån (Öjebro-Vågforsen)

  Östergötlands län / Mjölby Municipality.
Öjebro-Vågforsens FVO is part of Svartån water systems. Easily accessible fishing are eg at the bridges. The water is known for its large färnor and stags. In the river there are also pike, perch, tench, bream and eel.


Org ID: 139, Area 101

Öjebro-Vågforsens FVO

The fishery area is part of the river Svartån, which has its source in Lake Sommen and its outlet in Lake Roxen.

Contact persons

Anders Davidsson 0706341223

Caroline Davidsson 0705665951


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