Södra Stensundsforsen

  Västerbottens län / Sorsele municipality.

Welcome to fish in Södra Stensundsforsen. This place is located at Sorsele.
Parking coordinates: (65.5266702, 17.4771667)

From here you walk only a few hundred meters through cleared paths and small forest roads to this magical place. Here finally comes a page that draws attention to the "other" side of Stensundsforsen. This rapid offers something for all fishing enthusiasts. Enjoy a wonderful moment with amazingly beautiful nature, rushing water or a lovely stay by one of 3 available fireplaces. There is a choice between fishing on Holmen, along the edge of the rapids and further towards the mighty stone pier which ends with another islet. Bring your fishing rod and come to a rapid in the Vindelälven that has probably one of the best grayling fishing, the possibilities are endless! Catch and relax or why not find your catch and cook it for a lovely meal over an open fire at one of the several fire pits available. Sit and enjoy for a while before heading back with hopefully a nice catch or a full belly and a new beautiful fishing memory.
Local fishing license agents: Järnia (Address Strandvägen 19) Hook & Cup Sorsele Visitor Center (Address Stationsgatan 19)

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Södra Stensundsforsen

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Customer number: 3471, Area: 3534.

Contact persons

Joel Robertsson

0703 - 24 31 53


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