Bergsjö FVO


Storsjön, Kyrksjön mfl

  Gävleborgs län / Nordanstig municipality.

Bergsjö fishery conservation area is located in northern Hälsingland and satisfies many different tastes when it comes to sport fishing, both summer and winter.

The area contains lakes, ponds and flowing water, all with good access to fish. You will find many of the most popular sport fishing species with us: rainbow, trout and grayling but of course also pike and perch plus a number of other species.

The waters are excellent for fly and spin fishing, but also angling and various forms of winter fishing. Several lakes are easily accessible by car and present both excellent pike and perch fishing, but also other sport fishing species.

The fishing area is also responsible for two put and take ponds where rainbows are released regularly.
At our put and take water there are windbreaks and barbecue areas.

The association manages:
Hannåstjärn, Orrantjärn, Kyrksjön, Storsjön, Älgeredssjön, Grännsjön, Kråkbäcksjön, Gimsjön, Älgeredsån, Längsterbosjön, Kittesjön, del av Hasselasjön, Ysjön, Vadeån, Slätterneån, Annsjån, Flnsjön, Malnsjön, Malnsjön.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Even the year they turn 16, P / T and special water do not apply.

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Bergsjö FVO

In addition to the board, Bergsjö FVO consists of a committee for crayfishing and put and take ponds.

Organization number: 887500-4908

Customer number: 982, Area: 937.

Contact persons

Nisse Engström
072 - 740 33 05

Jan Westermark 0761 - 38 03 97
Bertil Bladin 0706 - 86 38 25
Christer Goetzinger 0702 - 70 28 71
Nisse Hansson 0703 - 95 74 60



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