Svalsjö FVOF


Svalsjön, Ören, Halvsjön samt del av Örlången

  Östergötlands län / Kinda municipality.

Svalsjö FVOF includes the lakes Ören, Svalsjön, Halvsjön and part of Örlången .

In the lakes, the presence of perch and pike is very good. There are also roaches, bream, herring, tench, lake, vendace and smelt. The lakes also have a small stock of local trout.

Sports fishing is provided through the sale of fishing licenses where only hand gear is allowed.

The lakes are accessible by public road. Please respect beach plots, private jetties and fishing water owners' mobile gear in the form of nets and other fishing gear.

In the north-eastern part of Lake Ören, it is possible to put a boat with you next to the bathing area. Respect bathing guests.

Welcome to also visit Affären in Svalsjö, an old country store from 1895 between Kisa and Malexander. Here Anna and Per Helldorff show exciting wooden objects, drawings, watercolors and art cards. There is also a selection of local and regional craft products, as well as a historical section. Simpler summer café.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Must have valid personal identification
 Can fish on someone elses fishing permit (but the person does not need to be)

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Brown Trout


Isättningar sker

Svalsjö FVOF

Svalsjö fishing conservation area association can offer fishing with hand tools in the western part of Kinda municipality in lakes surrounded by large forest areas in a quiet nature. The lakes are part of a sub-basin to Motala stream and lie about 121 m. The fishing area includes 4 lakes comprising a total of 551 ha of water. The water in the lakes has a high ecological and chemical status.

The fishery conservation area association was formed in 1975 and the board is represented by local fishing water owners. The purpose of the association is to promote the fishery and to arrange the fishing in said water, and to allow fishing (with the exception of crayfish fishing) through the sale of fishing licenses to the public. Part of the annual net return thus goes in full to promoting fisheries and comparable measures. The association does, among other things, continuous insertions of trout partly as fry in connecting streams and partly as larger reproductive fish.

Organization number: 822002-5707

Customer number: 1045, Area: 1008.

Contact persons

Jonas Siverholm

070 - 292 51 10

Lars Källman

073-418 90 52


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