Sveg-Herrö FVOF


Svegssjön, Ljusnan, Hundsjön, Öratjärn mfl

  Jämtlands län / Härjedalen municipality.

Welcome to Sveg-Herrö FVO, which is one of Sweden's most varied fishing areas in the northern wilderness at its best. There are opportunities for great fishing experiences here, whether it concerns stream angling for small trout, pike fishing for whitefish and char, lake and pond fishing for trout, char and large perch, stream fishing for grayling and trout or angling for pike on the nationally famous Lake Svegsjön .

In Sveg you have at least 20 miles of large forest in all directions, but the landscape is criss-crossed by a well-branched network of forest roads, which makes it easy to reach all the fishing waters, even if you have children with you. In our area, by the way, we offer all children free fishing, until they reach the age of 15!

Wherever you go within our area, you are close to running water. You fish for grayling and trout with a worm or fly in Lofsen , Ol Ols-ån , Låddan or Solnan . What few still don't know is that Ljusnan between Sveg and Byarforsen's power plant is a good grayling water, where a skilled fly fisherman can catch grayling of between one and two kilos! The fact that there are also several kilos of large trout here does not make matters worse. Hundsjön and Hocksjön are our two parade lakes, with good stocks of char and trout. Anyone who has had the good fortune to see what happens around midsummer when "the rock goes" - the mass hatching of day loons - is guaranteed to never forget it. Whole shoals of giant trout of three, four and five kilos come up from the depths to feed on the dragonflies and show themselves in shallow water to the spectator. Ideal fishing even in winter, with the best chances of getting really big fish on the first and last ice, but with good catching chances throughout the winter. As you can see on the map on the fishing license, there are also several lakes and ponds with stocks of salmon fish. Planted trout or char can be found in Skrattbborrtjärn, Vargknättjärn and Stråsjön. You can fish for rainbow trout in Digertjärn . A special kind of fishing is offered in winter, when the regulated Lake Svegsjön is lowered and all the fish gather in the old river channels of Veman , Ljusnan and Härjeån . Anyone who doesn't catch fish here has forgotten to set a hook on the reef - whitefish, perch and pike are caught in large quantities every year, which explains why fishermen from half of Sweden go here during the spring-winter period when the situation is ideal.

A number of boats are available for rent from the fishery management association, in Ljusnan , Hundsjön , Hocksjön and Stråsjön . You can get keys and instructions at the Circle K fuel station in Sveg.

We wish you excellent fishing and great nature experiences among moose, bears and wolves. In return for borrowing our beautiful nature, we expect you to leave it in the same condition you found it!

We will also be happy if you report big fish caught!

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Sveg-Herrö FVOF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Can fish on someone elses fishing permit (but the person does not need to be)

Fish species



Rainbow trout


Finns endast i Digertjärn





I våra planterade vatten förutom Digertjärn









Sveg-Herrö FVOF

We work for an attractive and sustainable fishing today and for future generations.

Organization number: 892600-3461

Customer number: 489, Area: 449.

Contact persons

Per Bruzell
070 - 210 69 70


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