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  Jämtlands län / Härjedalen municipality.

Linsell and Ransjö are located in the middle of the lovely Härjedalen. The villages are located on Ljusnan's shore, with the mighty Sonfjälls massif in the background. The area is known for fantastic fishing in both rapids and calm waters, rich wildlife and magnificent nature. Here there are unimagined possibilities for relaxation, but also for an active and content-rich outdoor life.

There the Light running through the Linsell-Ransjö FVO are some of upper Ljusnan's last natural rapids and streams. There are nice graylings, trouts and grebes here. In addition to Ljusnan, approx. 25 km of the lower part of Rånden is also included. The Valmen is a tributary to the Rånden, about 10 km of the Valmen is part of the Linsell-Ransjö Fisheries Management Area up towards Sonfjället. The fish species found within FVO are not only grayling and trout. In the quieter parts of Ljusnan and in Linsellsjön there are pike, whitefish and perch.

  • The Ljusnan area: The area stretches from Ortholmen in the north to just below the falls in Linsellborren , a distance of about 25 km. There are many good fishing spots here, but perhaps we particularly want to mention Ransjöforsen , Sveaforsen and Linsellborren. In addition to the noble fish, there are opportunities to catch nice perch and large pike.
  • Råden: Råden is a shallow, undeveloped stream with many fine stretches where grayling and trout stand. Just Rånden is a highly valued river that attracts fishermen from central and southern Sweden. It has been restored after being cleaned of stones when the rafting took place.
  • Valmen: Valmen is a tributary to Rånden. It is Valmen, or Valmån, that attracts fly fishermen who want grayling on the hook.
  • Ponds : In addition to the flowing waters within the area, there are some ponds where fish are planted. Subject to availability, char are released in one pond, rainbow trout are planted in another pond and trout are released in 4 ponds. We stock fish in these ponds at the end of May and in October.


Large perch iron = Rainbow

Hook float iron = Trout

Sundbäckstjärn = Trout

Peat iron = Char

Knippelberg star = Trout

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Fish species





Brown Trout










Linsell-Ransjö FVO

Linsell-Ransjö FVO has a great commitment to preserve the unique environment here in the heart of Härjedalen.

Our vision is to nurture fishing and land, to give our and future generation an opportunity to experience the unique environment we manage.

Organization number: 893201-6408

Customer number: 56, Area: 9.

Contact persons

Roland Persson
070-631 15 07

Thomas Högberg
070-327 34 43


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