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  Jönköpings län / Jönköping municipality.

Tenhultasjön's FCAA

Tenhultasjön is part of the Huskvarnaån water system in the Femtingaån precipitation area and is located just southeast of the community of Tenhult. Its elevation is 213.7 m above sea level – that is, about 1 m above Stensjön and with a 3 km stretch of river to that lake. Tenhultasjön is a so-called oligotrophic lake with a surface area of 2.99 km2 and a maximum depth of 30 m.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Tenhultasjöns FVO

Tenhultasjön's FCAATenhultasjön's FCA's objective is to:• Support, look after the interests of fishing water owners. • Promote cooperation among fishing, outdoor, environmental and nature interests. • Have a clean lake with an abundance of fish and crayfish. • Facilitate use of the lake that takes into consideration its size and access to fish and crayfish. 
Fishery conservation measures are:- To look after the lake's water quality and monitor habitat and reproduction feasibility for the lake's fish species and crayfish.- To permit the types of sport fishing that are appropriate for the lake. To control pests. To see that clean-up of the lake is carried out. 

- To carry out oversight of fishing to ensure that applicable fishing laws are observed and that decisions are obeyed.

Organization number: 802426-9410

Customer number: 296, Area: 256.

Contact persons

Ronny Johansson


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