Tranås Sportfiskeförening


TSF Medlemskap / Fiskekort

  Jönköpings län / Tranås municipality.

Tranås Sportfiskeförening was founded in 1953 and the association currently has about 250 members.


Tranås Sportfiskeförening

Organization number: 332400-4054

Tranås Sportfiskeförening was formed in 1953.

We are one of the associations around Lake Sommen that has an agreement with Sommen's Fisheries Conservation Area.

The association has about 250 members. Most members fish in Lake Sommen.

Within the association there is a section that conducts fly fishing.
The fly fishing section leases Klanggölen, where only fly fishing is allowed.
The sound, as everyone usually says, is for the members and for those who bought fishing licenses.
Only rainbow is implanted. No other fish are found in the pond.

Customer number: 3084, Area: 3086.

Contact persons

Mats Lindgren, 0703-644136


Fishing areas nearby Tranås Sportfiskeförening

Svartån (Tranås)
Strånnesjön, Trollsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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