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  • Tvärån May 2024


  Västerbottens län / Umeå municipality.

NEW 2024 - free child/youth card

In 2024, we will test releasing free child/youth cards that can be redeemed by children and young people up to and including 16 years of age. Fishing licenses for children and young people are limited to 3 per day and are available in addition to the 6 existing fishing licenses. We have removed the requirement that the guardian/adult must be with the fishing and hold a fishing license. However, we recommend that the guardian/adult accompany the younger children and buy fishing licenses for them.

The fishing stretch that will be granted in 2024 is the stretch between Tvärån's mouth in the Umeälven and the old embankment upstream of Rödäng, see also digital map.

Fishing 2024
This year's fishing opens on Saturday, June 1 and runs until Sunday, June 30. Fishing licenses are available in the shop from May 31.

Catch reporting
Catch reporting is mandatory in Tvärån.

Modern management
The Fisheries Management Association manages fishing in the entire river from the confluence with the Umeälven up to the outlet of Kullasjön. Tvärån's FVF has chosen a management model that should not be detrimental to the stocks, but should be based on sustainable fishing. We want to be pioneers in sound management for the happiness of our guests. That is why we apply so-called "Catch and release" (catch & release) so that the fish have the chance to survive, and the stocks can continue to grow and that more people have the chance to catch fish. This is also why we close the fishing when the temperatures start to rise in the river so that the fish are not at risk of injury.
Welcome to fish with us! Expect wonderful dry fly fishing for large grayling.

Information about Tvärån-Kullabäcken
Tvärån is a small, centrally located stream in the city of Umeå with the presence of grayling and a small stock of sea-migrating and stationary trout and pike. During periods , Västerbotten's landscape fish can also stay in the river.
Tvärån, like the majority of all our watercourses, has been heavily influenced by human activity. The association has for many years actively worked to increase the quality of the water to benefit the fish stocks. In the past, there were two definitive hiking barriers in the river. The first obstacle in the river was at Kvarnbron where a dam was replaced with a natural threshold to enable fish migration. The second walking obstacle was at Forslunda gymnasium.
Here, Tvärån's FVF built a so-called bypass (fishway in the form of a stream) past the dam so that the fish can move freely further up the river. The association has today succeeded in bringing sea-migrating trout and large-grown grayling back to the river. We are proud of our work, but there is still much to do to further improve the conditions for maintaining a rich plant and animal life along the river.
We hope that those of you who visit Tvärån will help protect the river.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Tväråns FVF

Welcome to Tvärån's FVF! Tvärån's Fishery Management Association manages fishing in Tvärån from the mouth of the Umeälven upstream to the outlet of Kullasjön. The association works to re-establish the stocks of grayling and sea-migrating trout, to increase the water quality and improve the habitats for the fish.

Organization number: 802432-2086

Customer number: 3286, Area: 3348.

Contact persons

Anders Friberg
0703 - 01 63 84


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