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  Västerbottens län / Umeå municipality.

Welcome to Umeå municipality's portal page!

Here you can see all the fishing areas that we know of in Umeå municipality and the surrounding area. Click on the Map tab to see all fishing areas.

Here you can also redeem fishing licenses for the municipality's own fishing waters: Nydalasjön, Sofiehemsdammen and Umeå city fishing area - part of the Umeälven. Click on the Fishing card tab to redeem your card. The municipality's fishing waters are marked with pink/purple in the map.

To read more about other fishing areas and buy fishing licenses, you must go to the respective fishing area's own page here at Ifiske, at or another website. You can find the respective fishing area's website by clicking on the fishing area in the digital map under the map tab. Some fishing areas do not sell digital fishing licenses, for example Blåknuten SPK - Mjösjön and Botsmark SPK - Hedtjärn. Some areas allow fishing for free without a fishing license, including Mickelträsk FVOF and Överboda FVOF. Limits for all fishing areas within Umeå Municipality and more information can be found in the digital map.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 Can fish on someone elses fishing permit (but the person does not need to be)
 For children up to and including 12 years of age, the guardian/adult must redeem a fishing license in their name. Children must learn about and follow the rules for fishing. Ideally, younger children fish in the company of a guardian/adult. Children and young people from the age of 13 must redeem their own digital fishing license

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Umeå Kommun

Umeå Municipality manages the fishing in Nydalasjön, the fishing in the Sofiehems dam together with the association Umeå Carp Fishing Association and the fishing in part of the Umeälven together with the Degernäs community association Västertegs, Östertegs and Öns samfällighetsförening. Umeå Municipality's own fishing waters are marked with pink/purple in the map. Fishing licenses for Umeå Municipality's own fishing waters can be purchased on this page under the fishing license tab.

Organization number: 212000-2627

Customer number: 3453, Area: 3514.

Contact persons

Erik Spade
090-16 16 49


Fishing areas nearby Umeå Kommun

Umeälvens Nedre Fiskeområde
Röbäcks Sff
Hissjöns FVO
Umeälvens Forsfiskeområde

Affiliated fishing areas in Västerbottens län
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