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  Jönköpings län / Jönköping municipality.

Ulvstorpasjön is a sport fishing lake run by the Ulvstorp section which is part of Jönköping's sport fishing club.
Ulvstorpssjön is located west of Jönköping about 5 km from the center and is located along the road to Axamo airport at Ulvstorpsgård.

Ulvstorpasjön is a lake with implanted rainbow salmon and trout.

The lake has humus-colored water and is shallow, the greatest depth is about 4 m. At the northern part of the lake there are a number of summer cottages with beach plots and at the southern part there is Ulvstorpsgård where fishing is prohibited for the public. At the southern part, there are two bridges, one of which is adapted for accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The western part is intended for fly fishing and there are a number of other piers that are primarily for fly fishermen.

There are two prepared barbecue areas, grilling is only allowed there unless there is a grilling ban. Disposable grills are forbidden!

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Jönköpings Sportfiskeklubb.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Isättning 5 ggr/år





Brown Trout


Isättning 2 ggr/år

Signal crayfish



Jönköpings Sportfiskeklubb

Organization number: 826000-6047

Jönköping's Sport Fishing Club was founded in 1957. The association is engaged in sport fishing and is divided into different sections. These are; youth section, pimple section, boat pimple section, wolf big section and a crayfish fishing section.

We lease a number of fishing waters in the municipality: Ulvstorpasjön, Åsendammen, Sågviksdammen, Mogölen and Attarpsdammen. As a member of the club, you fish for free in all except Ulvstorpssjön and Åsendammen.

We have our own clubhouse which is located by Munksjön's eastern shore, Klubbhusgatan 3 in Jönköping.
The clubhouse can be rented by members and the general public. Two crayfishing days are organized annually by the club in August in Munksjön and Rocksjön for the public.

All work in and around the lake is done entirely by non-profit members of the section, and we care about the environment around the lake, which we consider to be a little gem close to the urban environment that you can easily reach and enjoy the tranquility that you find here.

For information about other dealers, contact the club's contact persons.

Customer number: 1175, Area: 1137.

Contact persons

Raoul Skoog:
073 - 759 92 35

Stig Johansson:


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