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  Örebro län / Örebro and Lindesberg Municipality.

Väringen is located north of Hjälmaren in Örebro and Lindesberg's municipalities on the border between Närke and Västmanland. The lake is 16 meters deep, has an area of 18.8 square kilometers and is 32 meters above sea level. The lake is drained by the watercourse Arbogaån and the water in the lake is nutritious.

Väringen is a much-appreciated and fish-rich lake, best known for its fine breeding stock. In the case of test fishing, a large number of fish species have been caught, including perch, birch, bream and the danger. Every year, a large amount of pike and sometimes trout is released.

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Väringens FVF

Värvens FVF manages Väringen's fishing for its members for the purpose of promoting and developing fishing in the lake.

Customer number: 603, Area: 563.

Contact persons

Axel Roos:
070 - 662 67 07



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