Vesljungasjöns FVOF



  Skåne län / Osby municipality.

Welcome to fish in the beautiful, cozy Vesljungasjön, which is located between Osby and Markaryd in a very beautiful environment. The lake is relatively shallow with a maximum depth of 2.6 meters. Here you can fish the most common traditional Swedish fish, where the most common are pike, perch and roach. But here you can also find bream, bream, carp, signal crayfish and eel. If you have a fishing license, you can also borrow a fishing rod from the fishing association for a maximum of three hours. These boats are located at the jetty of the school park. After the fishing trip, you can take a dip at our beautiful, child-friendly shallow swimming area, which offers a 150-meter long sandy beach and a nice bathing jetty.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.

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Vesljungasjöns FVOF

We were established in 1990 and throughout the years have monitored water quality and fish availability. Many years ago the water quality was poor and the fish life was no better, but then a lime dispenser was permanently installed at the inlet and the water has gradually gotten better and better every year and now it has a good PH value and otherwise good water quality. The lake is very popular with the public for fishing as it is a small cozy lake with beautiful surroundings. We are a small association where our main aim is to carry out good fisheries management. The board consists of people who live in the area or have connections there.

Organization number: 202100-2346*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 827, Area: 787.

Contact persons

Nicklas Bennström
0706 - 02 20 35


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